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Yoga and Meditation

From a healthy movement perspective, the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A and B), done correctly, have all the movements required to keep encourage your spine to be flexible and juicy – yes juicy!!

Breathing exercises bring focus to the muscles of respiration and train them to do their job better.  Better breathing, more relaxation, and less stress – who wouldn’t want that?

Meditation is more than closing your eyes and trying to concentrate.  Learn how this rich and powerful practice can help you negotiate the challenges in your life.

Feeling like you are starting at square one? Join me and let’s juice up your spine, breathe better and learn how to be more in charge of your thoughts and how they influence your life.

On-site classes are space limited and require your own mat and blocks.  Want to join from home?  Join the class online through Zoom – books and pillows make great props!

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