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Looking for a reason to start Yoga? 

There are so many …where do I start?

  • Yoga improves your strength, balance and flexibility

  • It can help with back and neck pain.

  • A good yoga practice can relax you and help you sleep better.

  • Regular yoga practice (yes, even 1x per week) means more energy and brighter moods.

  • Managing stress is one of the BIG benefits to a yoga practice

What are you waiting for?

This Hatha practice takes participants through traditional poses with lots of alternates for sore knees, backs or even deeper options for the advanced practitioner.

These classes are personal, alignment based with lots of direction and feedback for those who want it.

Hear the threads of the lessons from Sages of the past woven into the practice.  Learn breathing techniques to help with stress and anxiety.  So much in one hour.

Onsite classes require your own mat and props.

For those at home doing the live zoom option, props can be anything from a belt to a pillow.

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