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Martial Arts


Karate is for everyone.  Not every karate system is for every body.  In the distant past, people trained themselves to protect their own lives, the lives of their families and the local community.  The karate offered at West Coast Gojukai in Port Moody is a unique blend of disciplined and curriculum based modern learning rooted in a deep connection to the Yamaguchi Gojukai family traditions in Japan.

The warm up and strengthening exercises are modern and adaptable for injuries or age related limitations.

Students start at white belt and build on the basics adding in complexity as they progress through the belts.  Classes are taught using both Japanese and English terminology.

West Coast Gojukai is a community of interested karate people that move forward with a similar goal.  Some classes are harder than others but everyone supports each other.

Kids classes range from Ninja classes for 3-5 years olds, Dragons classes for 5-7 year olds and junior classes for 8 and older.  Classes for teens and adults range from age 11 – 80+ years old.  The instructors at West Coast Gojukai dojo are well trained, safe and compassionate.

Don’t be fooled – they are still tough as nails!

Commit yourself, apply yourself and be supported in your training all the way to black belt and beyond if that is your goal.

PS – The chief instructor is a female 6th degree black belt


When the Okinawan people has their swords and other weapons taken away from them, they spend countless hours of their time learning how to use “farm” implements to defend themselves against brigands and thieves.

This class teaches you the basics of training with these tools.  The Sai, the Tekko (horse stirrups), the Tonfa (grinding wheel handle) and the Bo (the long staff).

Learning how to handle these weapons results in a new appreciation for the people that brought us this knowledge but also, think about the strength benefits.

The students of the Kobudo class report feeling stronger in their neck and shoulders from handling the weapons and also stronger and more flexible in their legs and hips from the stance work.

Warm up includes basic strengthening and stretching exercises – all movements can be adapted for injury or age related stiffness and limitations.

It’s structured, curriculum based and progresses gradually from white belt to black and beyond.

No experience is necessary and all are welcome.


Japanese jujutsu spends more time standing than on the ground.  The student learns about joint locks, how to off balance the opponent and how to use space to their advantage.

If you are a small person, this is the art for you.  Having said that, persons of all sizes and shapes can enjoy this Japanese jujutsu style.

Class starts with a gentle warm up of joints and body muscles.  Students then work through various ways to lower themselves safely to the ground (generally called ‘breakfalls’).  It starts slowly and gets faster only when you decide you are ready.

The class works through the curriculum each level of student in the class.  It’s normal for all students to work with each other changing partners regularly during the class. Repetition is where it’s at with this martial art.

With corrective feedback and the body’s natural tendency to become more efficient with practice, students start to feel like they can move someone, move out of the way or off-balance their partner.

Whether it’s a wrist grab, a grab from behind or punch, the student learns a variety of ways to effectively neutralize the attacker’s power and either get rid of them or have them submit.  Warning…. the wristlocks can be uncomfortable.  That’s why we learn to tap early and tap often.  The student is always in control of their practice.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic closures, classes are suspended.  Get excited. We will open for training soon!!

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