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About Me

I grew up in the country on a farm learning about working, being independent and managing big jobs when I was a little person.  I was drawn to physical education in school and also, nurturing other humans and animals.  I was caught once putting onion tails on my friend's knee feeling sure that it would heal the scrape she got from sliding off the outhouse roof! 

Since then, I have graduated with a Master's degree in Physical Education and specialty in Athletic Training and Senior's fitness. I love to work with people helping them achieve their goals, find new goals and be better than they ever thought possible.  As a 6th degree black belt, my training has helped me through the toughest of challenges mentally and physically.  As a 300 hr Certified Yoga Instructor, I understand and teach the subtle aspect of health, fitness and the connection to breath.  TaiChi has brought me to a place where I encourage the strongest parts of my clients to be expressed with intentional softness.  As an exercise therapist and practicing Kinesiologist, I teach that no injury or condition is beyond the hope of returning to activity and enjoyment of life. Need some guidance in your fitness and sport life?  Need support in your fitness and health journey post accident, post injury or just because you're tired of dragging the same old bag of bones and muscles around?  Look me up!  I would love to help!


-Donna Gardecki

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