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Tai Chi

Within the family of martial arts, Tai Chi is one of the oldest and gentlest of practices.

Tai Chi is a low impact, slow motion exercise that encourages natural breathing.   Movements are circular and relaxed and joints are never fully extended or flexed.  A growing body of research supports Tai Chi as an ideal exercise to improve balance and promote confidence in movement.

This type of exercise is ideal for those who are not gym-goers or who prefer non-impact and light exercise. It is easily adaptable for those needing a chair.

Class starts with a gentle warm up for your body in preparation for the class.  After that, basic movements and sequences are taught and practiced as a group and repetition is the name of the game.  The beginner class focuses on Set 1: the first 37 of the total 108 moves.

The intermediate class, for an extra ½ hr, focuses on Set 2 and onward.

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