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Brain Injury Recovery

Brain Injury Recovery

The confusion of how to negotiate normal every day tasks after a brain injury can be challenging. Brain injury can be mild trauma (concussion) or as life changing as traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to a car or work accident.

Exercise onsite or in your home

As the brain is healing from injury, research supports the participation in exercise, both cardiovascular and muscular, for improvement in symptoms and confidence of TBI survivors.

Research supports that structured movement activities designed carefully

  • Can improve attention and concentration

  • Can improve focus

  • Can help with symptoms of depression

  • Can improve mental health

Donna, a Kinesiologist registered with the BCAK (British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists) has worked since 1993 in this industry and brings lots of experience and skill to her job, not to mention joy. Lots and lots of joy!

Rehabilitation in the Community

The Therapist at Bamboo Fitness and Rehabilitation, Donna Gardecki, has 28 years working in the industry with TBI clients in exercise programs and in the community.  She has worked privately with families or through ICBC or other funding sources.

Want to heal with full potential to be all you can be? Call Donna and set up an appointment to discuss options for yourself or your loved one. Help them get the best out of their life.

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